David is a Scottish furniture maker who studied fine cabinetmaking in British Columbia and his work is influenced by his time there studying the craft and teachings of the late James Krenov. Krenov was one of the most prolific figures in fine cabinet making, who taught the importance of not only trusting one's hand skills but having a connection with the wood and one's work. David embraced this philosophy and has dedicated his working life to the craft.

David's furniture is quiet and personal. It showcases the chosen timber's unique characteristics and is finished in natural oils and waxes to give a natural appearance. Both hand tools and machinery are used to produce smooth surfaces and strong joinery to ensure furniture remains functional and durable for a lifetime of use.

David welcomes commissions of all sizes and is always interested in collaborations with fellow designers.


"I live in a beautiful place, I work at something I love and my demands on the world's resources are very meagre. What's so unusual  about this idyllic circumstance is that there is plenty of room for more to join."

-John Brown

The Welsh stick chair maker