We look at where the piece will be situated, its purpose, dimensions etc.

Then choose materials and create a concept for the design based on the budget. 


Following the consultation, a design is drawn up with options and possible  variations. Once the client is satisfied with the design,

 an itemised quote is submitted along with an estimated delivery period. A 50% deposit is now due before the project can be started.


Timber is ordered and arrives in the workshop to settle. 

Solid wood must  acclimatise before it can be worked to avoid any unwanted movement.

The build begins with composing the various parts of the piece before being milled and planed to their final dimensions.

Traditional joinery methods are used to create strong, durable joints with joinery often left visible for added detail.

Fully assembled, the chosen finish is applied to the piece and  given a thorough inspection. 

The client is kept up to date with and welcome to visit the workshop any time during the build.


Nearing completion, a delivery date and time is agreed.

Once delivered, the remaining balance is invoiced and due within 14 days.

Advise is given on after care to ensure a lifetime of use. 

If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please get in touch.