Wood Species

Freestanding furniture can be ordered in a variety of hardwoods.  Above are species commonly available in the UK.

Other British and some FSC exotic woods are available and can be sourced on request.

Each hardwood has its own attributes and some are more suitable to specific furniture  than others. David can give advise on timber choices.  As solid wood is a natural material, grain patterns and colours will differ from tree to tree. 

However, the highest quality timber is always selected and carefully composed to showcase its unique character.

Natural oils and waxes are used to preserve the character of the wood. As of January 2022, all furniture will be finished using Kreidezeit products. The Kreidezeit range of environmentally friendly wood waxes and oils  are free of preservatives, synthetic solvents, plastic binders and plasticisers.

Sample packs of available wood species and finishes are available on request.